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I am a retired U.S. Navy Captain, naval aviator form the P-3 community. My final tour in the Navy was as the Naval Attache to Mexico. This tour was a superb way to end a 30 plus year career, very interesting and much fun. My dad, John, was also a career naval officer, destroyers, who retired in 1967. Both my mom and dad were born in Washington, DC, as were their three children. My older sister, Julie Morgan, lives in the DC area.

I am cousin (second or third, once or twice removed, or something) with other "bloggers" on this site, noteably George Ferriter, coordinator of the upcoming Ferriter Clan gathering in Wisconsin.

I have two sons: John, a 1st LT in the USMC, and Andrew, a 1st LT in the US Army. John is a lawyer who starts Naval Justice School in JAN 08 with follow-on orders to 29 Palms, Calif. Andrew is an aviator stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas, currently in Iraq.

My Navy career took me to many parts of the world, over thirty countries, and our family lived nine different places. (Counting my years growing up in a Navy family I have moved well over twenty times.) At least temporarily, my wife, Pat, and I have decided to settle in the DC area.

One of the highlights of my early travels was a visit to Ballyferriter with my mom, dad, and little sister, El. We stayed at Ferriter’s Inn, outside Ballyferriter, a bed and breakfast run by Ireen Ferriter. We visited the farm of yet another John Ferriter and my dad and I hiked out to see the remains of Pierce Ferriter’s "castle." I have a great picture of my dad leaning up against the remaining corner of the stone structure, high on a cliff over looking the ocean. I will take my son's there when we can work that visit out.

A friend who visited Ireland last year sent me a picture of “Ferriters” a pub somewhere near Dingle that advertises “Food till 8 PM” and “Live music”. I plan to visit there also.

Edward C. (Ted) Ferriter


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Seoirse said...

    Ted - ce! It's pretty esy to upload pictures into the blog. Blogger will walk you through it. A full formal mess dress photo with sash and sword would be nice - surely you have a few from the Mexican Adventure?

    19 January 2008 07:57

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James T. Ferriter

photo b. December 1843
d. February 22, 1902

James Thomas Ferriter was born in December, 1843, either in New York or Massachusetts to Irish immigrant parents. Most census data lists his birthplace as Massachusetts. It is quite likely that he was born in West Springfield, MA, as he had a brother, Patrick, who was born there in 1849. His parents, Patrick Ferriter and Catherine Sullivan Ferriter, had married in Ireland on February 14, 1840. They moved to America and travelled where there were railroads to be built. Patrick's family landed in Dummerston, Vermont, in 1850, where many people with Irish surnames and the job title of 'railroad laborer' are listed in the census.... Read More