Dominick Ferriter’s Restoration Document

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Dominick Ferriter’s Restoration Document:

Upon consideration had of a report unto us made by Morogh ats Morgan, Earl of Inchquin, Henry, Viscount Moore of Drogheda, & Sir William Penn, Knt., grounded on our reference of the 15th of January instant granted on the petition of Major Dominick Feriter, in which report it appeareth that the said Dominick Feriter his father Captain Pierce Feriter did in the beginning of the Rebellion in Ireland relieve and preserve many English Protestant families & continued his case of their preservation so far that he withdrew many of them for their safety to the securest parts of his own estate  until they found opportunity &  saw their own conveniences to repair with their goods to England, that they said Captain Pierce Feriter endeavored still to preserve his loyalty by securing and adhering to any authority from our late royal father of blessed memory in our Kingdom of Ireland, that he cheerfully submitted and constantly adhered to the peace concluded by James, Marquis of Ormond Lieutenant of our said kingdom in 1648 & opposed to the settlement such as resisted our authority in that our kingdom till at length he was put to death by a court martial of the Late Usurper Cromwell for his constancy to our service, and that his son & heir the said Dominick Feriter performed many acceptable services for the support of our authority in said kingdom and was of the last that laid down arms when the power of the usurper became prevalent & then withdrew into forrain (sp) parts whence he with those under his command did offer several times to quit all employments under other princes to come and serve under our ensign if we had found occasion to make use of his service; We have therefore thought fit, and it is our will & pleasure that the said Major Dominick Feriter be forthwith restored to the quiet and peaceable possession of all & every the house, lands, tenements and hereditaments whereof his said deceased father & himself have been dispossessed by the late usurped power, and which are not in the hands of reprisable adventurers or soldiers, We do by this presents will and require our Justices of our said Kingdom of Ireland, and all other of our chief governors and governors for the time being to cause reprisals to be had for them out of such other lands as they shall think fit, and thereupon to cause the said Dominick Feriter to be forthwith restored also to that part of his said estate which is in the hands of reprisable adventurers or soldiers: and we do will & require all and every person or persons now possessing houses, lands, tenements, or herediaments which did or do belong to said Dominick Feriter as aforesaid, to yield up and deliver unto his assigns, or such as shall be authorized by him the quiet and peaceable possession of the same, as  they and every other of them will answer the consequences at their perils (sic) And if any rent or rents or other sum or sums of money do remain in charge on the the said houses, lands and premises in our charge of Exchequer in our said Kingdoms of Ireland, which were put in charge since the month of October 1641, the Barons of our said Court & of them, and any other officer thus whom it may concern are to cause the same to be put out of charge, and our further will & pleasure is that our said Justices of our said Kingdom, and all our Chief Governor & governors for the time being, our sheriffs or others whom it may concerne, do cause this our order to be put forth & in execution; For which this shall to them & every of them a Warrant.   Given at our Court at Whitehall this 23rd day of January 1660 in the 12th year of our reign.

By His Majectie’s Command

Wm. Morice

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