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Catherine Ferriter

Birthplace: Boston

photo b. 1840
d. 11 Jan 1913
father: John Ferriter
mother: Honora Fitzgerald

Catherine Ferriter was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in about 1840. She was the daughter of John and Honora (Fitzgerald) Ferriter. The family moved to Tioga County, Pennsylvania, soon after her birth, and she lived the rest of her life in that area. She married Edward Mitchell, originally from Dublin, Ireland, around 1856, and they lived in the Morris Run and Fallbrook, Pennsylvania, area.  My mother's notes have her described as a redhead, with a great sense of humor. Edward and Catherine were the parents of at least eleven children, many of whom passed away fairly young. One of those children was my grandfather, Michael Mitchell. Catherine passed away in Morris Run on Jan 11, 1913 after a long illness. She is buried with some of her family, at St. Andrew's Cemetery, Blossberg, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. More information is always welcome from fellow researchers.  Author: Julie Cizenski. Read More

Padraig Ferriter

Birthplace: An Baile Uachtarach

photo b. March 8, 1856
d. July 21, 1924
father: Maurice Ferriter
mother: Nell Mhichil Mhainnnin

Padraig Feiritear was born 8 March 1856 to Maurice Ferriter and his wife, Nell Mhichil Mhainnnin at An Baile Uachtarach near Bally Ferriter. He was the fourth of nine children. His father, Maurice was a successful carter and farmer, a tenant of the Ventry family. Educated by the Nation School System of the era, he also studied Latin and Irish. Mostly self-educated in Irish, he displayed an Academic knowledge of the Language. He devised his own system of writing Irish. As a young man, Padraig began replicating (copying by hand) Irish manuscripts made available to him by local families. He also interviewed local families and wrote down their stories, the folklore, and family histories.  He copied all kinds of documents that were on loan to him.  Some were poems and songs.  Others were resolutions against priests. The family histories of the people who were his neighbors was recorded in a shopkeepers notebook right along with... Read More

Patricia Clare Ferriter

Birthplace: Dickinson, North Dakota

photo b. April 25, 1909
d. December 31, 1994
father: John Patrick Ferriter
mother: Katherine Emily McNertney

  Patricia Clare Ferriter was born on April 25, 1909, in Dickinson, North Dakota, to John Ferriter and Katherine McNertney.  She began painting as a child when she was in bed for a full year with an illness.  In the late 1920s, Clare attended the Massachusetts School of Fine Arts.  From 1931-1933  she lived in the Philippines, where her father was stationed as an Army captain.  Part of the time she worked worked as an illustrator for The Manila Times, an English-language newspaper. It was at this job that she dropped her first name and from then on used the name "Clare Ferriter" exclusively. She received a B.A. in Art at Yale College in 1935.  This was one of the few departments of the school that accepted women at this time.  She then went on to study at Stanford University where she received an M.A. in Art.  She was particularly interested in the Siennese School,... Read More

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