Robert Garret Farritor

Robert Garret Farritor was born in Blossburg, Pennsylvania, February 2, 1846 to his Irish Immigrant Parents, John Ferriter and Honora Fitzgerald Ferriter of Ard Na Cainthne (Smerwick) Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry Ireland. Raised in Pennsylvania Coal Mining Country, he joined his Father and brothers in the coal mines at age 16. After the Civil War, his family relocated to Streator, Illinois, a new coal mining community in central Illinois.

Determined to leave this dangerous occupation, he homesteaded in central Custer County Nebraska in 1879, along with his brothers and other immigrant families from County Kerry. Successfully enduring the natural and personal hardships of establishing a farm in the previously uncultivated Great Plains of the American West, he ended his life an accomplished farmer/rancher, owning over 1,000 acres at his death in 1915.

Robert Garret Farritor

Robert Garret Farritor

Birthplace: Blossburg, PA

b. February 2, 1846
d. 1915
father: John Ferriter
mother: Honora Fitzgerald Ferriter

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