We Get Together

2015 Gathering

The 2015 Ferriter Family Gathering will revisit beautiful and idyllic Dingle and the Blasket Islands during the summer solstice in June, 2015. Full program details are still in development, but count on two full days of talks, a golf tournament, art shows and more.

2012 Gathering

This gathering brought together Irish and Irish-American members of the Ferriter family in the land where the Ferriter Legacy began. There will also be a number of people present whose ancestors or relatives were of other tribes but who travelled this earthly journey in close company with various Ferriters. The events enabled good things to happen. Things such as learning, artistic expression, interaction, smiles, songs, dance, and a sense of what it means to be part of the Ferriter Family and the American/Irish Diaspora.

2009 Gathering

Our 2009 gathering brought together dozens of extended family members for the first time. Held in Wisconsin at the home of George Ferriter, the gathering served as a wonderful first event for this family!

FFG 2012 Schedule