Ferriter Family Gathering 2012: Dingle Ireland

2012 Gathering—Land, Legend, and Lore

Thursday and Friday, April 12th and 13th from 9:00 am till 2 pm each day.
Held at The Great Blasket Center, Dunquin, Kerry, Ireland.

This conference is dedicated to exploring the history of the Ferriters. Originally Norman invaders, the Ferriters became known as being 'more Irish than the Irish' after a few centuries of living in the western part of the Dingle Peninsula. They controlled Ferriter's Islands, which are now known at the Blasket Islands. They settled on land in view of these islands. The rebel poet, Piaras Feiritear, remains a much revered historical and almost mythical figure in this area. He is known for his passionate poetry and his resistance to the forces of Cromwell during the 17th century. He was at once a harpist and a leader of battles. Stories about Piaras abound --some factual and some fanciful.

There is more to this family than the history of one man, however. Ferriters now live in or near the same land where the original Ferriters settled. Many Ferriters have moved to distant lands over the last 200 years. They too have their stories to be told. More recently, a number of Irish-American descendants of the early Ferriters have traveled to Ireland seeking knowledge about their legacy that was not taught in their schools.  This conference features speakers who are experts on matters related to the history of the Ferriters and related families and the times they lived in. The keynote speaker will be Diarmaid Ferriter who will speak about Ireland's more contemporary history as seen through the eyes of several generations of Ferriters. Knowledge of the past helps enlighten us as to what is behind present circumstances. All who care to learn will greatly enjoy this conference—whether they be Irish or Irish-American; and whether they be Ferriters or not. The venue for this conference could not be better than that of the Great Blasket Center --with its modern auditorium and its ancient views. Registered attendees will have priority seating but the conference is open to others free of cost, as long as seating is available.

Registration for this free event is needed well in advance, as all seats are likely to be taken. Ferriter Gathering participants have priority in reserving ticketed entry.

Those who have registered in advance for this event will have priority seating and are encouraged to arrive between 8:45 and 9:00 am each day. Starting at 9:20 am, seating will be made available to others who may show up as long as there is seating still available. There is no guarantee of seating except to those who have both registered and arrived early.

The conference is for those over the age of 12. Alternate activities for children attending the Ferriter Gathering will be available. The arrangements will be made once ages and numbers of children is known.  Some parents may need to participate in these activities. Lessons will be provided for students to work on for any missed school days as well.

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Ferriters, Feirtéars, Ferreters and Farritors alike will once again to awaken centuries of shared heritage, in the stunning Dingle Peninsula and Ballyferriter.

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