Next Steps

For a while now, there has been interest in setting up a nonprofit organization that will have as its mission, to preserve and perpetuate what is known about the Ferriter family legacy. This idea has grown out of the observation that history can be forgotten if it isn't maintained and carried forth. It is similar to a living thing that must be nurtured. Preserving what is known about the Ferriter Legacy is hard enough, as competing information grows larger with each year and less information about anyone who lived long ago is carried forth intact in the record books. Those in the Gaeltecht region of southwest Kerry may know the legends about Pierce Ferriter, but around the world and on the internet, one must search a long time before coming up with readily available references to the Ferriters. Some online searches about the Blasket Islands even fail to turn up the fact that the Blasket Islands were once known as the Ferriter Islands. Relatively few people have heard of Pierce Ferriter but most recall having heard something about Cromwell. Of course, history is always initially written by the victors.  Over time, the Ferriter name has lost ground and turns up relatively infrequently in books about Irish lore, poetry, harps, battles, and history. But as with many historic subjects, sometimes people become aware that there is more to the story than that which is being told. Once a critical mass of people become aware of this situation, it is their responsibility to make the needed changes for the record—in their lifetime.

That moment to make these changes has arrived for the Ferriter family. There is a growing momentum of interest in the history and the stories of families such as the Ferriter family.  The resurgence of the Irish language shows that there is a need for a connection to that which outlives us. To experience the Irish language today as it was experienced then is to have a sense of meaning that cannot be negated by time passing.  So it is with a connection to one's family history. The time has come for the Ferriter Legacy to become more vibrantly alive and better known. 

A few Ferriter family members have begun to perform the necessary research needed to set up a 'civil service organization' --which is the preffered new term for a nonprofit organization in the United States.  As stated, the objective would be to preserve and perpetuate the Ferriter Family Legacy. Education might be a critical function of this entity. We might one day sponsor exchange students and might sponsor future Ferriter Legacy Conferences. Strict rules must be adhered to to maintain tax exempt status. All operations of the organization will adhere to these rules. This will take a degree of expertise and a solid board of directors. The by-laws have not yet been formalized and there is time for any interested persons to voice their comments about things they would like to see happen with such an organization. Soon, there will be initial officers and a managing board. There is room for members from a variety of backgrounds, but we especially need expertise from those who may have served on boards for nonprofit organizations before. You are out there, so please let us know of your availability to help. Please send us a message if any of you have comments, ideas, dreams, concerns, and especially if you have an interest in serving in a key role in this organization.